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This is the beginning of the Zombiz storyline. Expect a lot more to be added as soon as we develop the story further.

In the beginning the land of Looka was peaceful and in harmony with it's other worlds. But what the zombiz of Looka did not know is that in their hatcheries was a mad scientist that was finally completing his evil work. This man's name is Dr. Malki

Your probably saying well what did he do. Dr.Malki was working on ruling the world at this time and scanned DNA into a black egg. Then a horrible monster was born coming out of the pure black egg this monster was soon captured and put in a cell. But as you probably can guess Dr.Malki got the key and let him out. After letting out Xerbus, he was then leashed by a string that shined with great light. Called the Strand of Life. Not only was Dr.Malki making a mess but he has stupid because the Strand of Life around the beast not only made him stronger and controllable but the doctor and the beast were now linked for life. They both felt the same pain and the same sicknesses. Now that the doctor was in charge on the planet Looka he banished all the Zombiz to different cells that would only open by the power of the stones. And after that he began to make his own evil breeds of Zombiz which where called Zoobuz that just knew how to fight and make ruckus.

So the story sounds good eh? Well its not over. During when the Zoobuz ruled the gods Cleas Gorta and Forgis all saw what had happened to there peaceful world and tolled the doctor to either move in to the caves and be banished or be blown away buy the Rains of Destruction. The doctor as stupid as he was fought the gods. And killed two of them with his mighty beast Xerbus. But... after the other evil monsters saw the flashing lights they all went under ground each in there own holes.

Well what had happened is the last god called upon his Rain of Destruction banishing the two races the Zoobuz and the Zombiz together. But not everything was done the doctor was still loose and the god was getting well so as a final touch he picked them both up and tossed them into the sky and said some words as a bright light blew them away not to return to Looka until the year 2001!

After the spell of orbit the god fell to the ground dead never to return, and never to see his beautiful creation grow up or even survive. The world took its shape as the planet called Earth as Looka and Earth became equal. In all ways and no one could see a difference so they became parallel worlds one on top of the other. But no creatures inhabited the world Looka. Until now when a little boy name Jake gets an amulet for his birthday and is teleported to the World of Looka to find his zombiz named Kelmo.