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1/9/02: No more snow
Update by: Ravage
I got rid of that annoying snow. Also, just to let you all know the old me is back. Expect the site to be updated a couple times a week. And forget about that new layout coming out in 2 months, I'm going to go ahead and try to get it done this month. For the next layout change I will add a GUI for the menu instead of using frames. Hopefully you all will find the site more pleasing to the eyes that way. Expect me to add more pictures to the site very soon and look forward to an article that I will be writing based on combos that I use in my decks.

1/7/02: New Layout
Update by: Ravage and Nesagwa
Nesagwa: Made the new buttons.
Ravage: Added the new layout and actually added this update to the update page, it's been awhile since we actually told you all what we updated. Sorry for not updating much, been a tad bit busy lately. You should except a new layout withen 2 months and a lot more pictures and information.

12/8/01: Too much to put here :-)
Update by: Ravage and Nesagwa
Nesagwa: I fixed some of the card list links and added a visual card list for Apocalypse. I also added the second part of the winter theme.
Ravage: I fixed a javascript error, and started working on a new article.

12/7/01: First Part of Winter Theme
Update by: Ravage
I added snow to the page and updated some text.

10/14/01: Wallpaper Section
Update by: Ravage
I made some wallpaper and put it in a section called Wallpaper. Just look on the side bar for it.

10/13/01: New Message Board
Update by: Ravage
We made a message board today. Click "Message Board" on the side bar and join if you want.

10/11/01: New Side Bar/Apprentice Tournament/New Article(CRAZY, eh?)

Update by: Ravage
I made buttons for the side bar. Like it? Also our good friends at are hosting an apprentice tournament visit their site at: to learn more. AND we're bringing you a double dose today, we have a brand new article up in Kodi's Korner titled "Ante Draft."

9/25/01: Added patch
Update by: Ravage
I added an Odyssey patch to the apprentice page today.

9/24/01: New staff
Update by: Ravage
Hey everybody it's Ravage! It's been almost a month since I've updated.With my update comes some great news. I am formally announcing AJeffGuy as a new staff member, Kodi, and Nesagwa as staff members as well. You can check these guys out in the staff section. I also did a few updates here and there.

9/22/01: Mr. Unknown
Update by: Nesagwa
Hey! This is the unknown staff member, Nesagwa, making just a tiny update and telling you that I am here. Card list section is totally up.Fixed some picture problems and made the site a little better looking.

9/1/01: New affiliate
Update by: Ravage
We got a new affiliate today: (TCG Pad).

8/26/01: WOAH!!!
Update by: Ravage
I haven't updated for almost a month now. Don't worry though I haven't forgot about this site. I was working on two of my other sites. They're both about done now too :) I added a new section which allows you to make your own cards, so check it out. We also have a new affiliate Magic Compendium look for them on the side bar to your left.

8/4/01: No New Staff Member!!!
Update by: Ravage
AJeffGuy is no longer with us, he left us and moved on to his own site: (The Magic Compendium), check him out... Also I started to make card lists, they'll be up as soon as they're done. The site isn't that much right now but I'am a little busy with my DBZ site that I just got the final layout done yesterday. Right now I'am going to devote all of my time to the site so keep yours eyes peeled because there's going to be a bunch of great stuff coming soon.

8/2/01: New Staff Member!!!
Update by: Ravage
We got a new staff member today: AJeffGuy. Check him out in the staff section.