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Kodi's Korner

Welcome to Kodi's Korner I'am Kodi. When you come to Kodi's Korner you can read some of my views on cards, combos, new sets, and much much more.

Alright, this is everyone's favorite webmaster here giving you a little extra info about the Kodster. Kodi has at least a million Magic cards and a hundred more decks to go along with that million. He's basically unstoppable, I'll tell you that much. Kodi uses a nice fire deck most of the time but every once and awhile he'll surprise us with a deck that he supposedly "threw together" the night before. I could tell you more about him but I'am a little busy updating the rest of the sites, in a few days I'll see if Kodi could give you a more in depth look to his insanity. Until next time, peace.

Below are all of Kodi's nifty little articles:

10/10:Ante Draft - Made for the fans who asked about it.
Kodi's third article, .txt version | .doc version (wordpad)

9/23:Controlled Blaze- Deck Construction at it's best!
Kodi's second article, .txt version | .doc version (wordpad)

7/20:Getting Cards Cheap!
Kodi's first article, .txt version | .doc version (wordpad)